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Helping to create a healthier, more sustainable community, one vegetable at a time.

At Earth Stewards, we believe in making healthy, organic choices easier and more accessible for everyday Kiwis.

Located in Rototuna, Hamilton, New Zealand, Earth Stewards is an Urban Farm specialising in sustainably grown, certified organic vegetables and fruit.

Our passion for growing and delivering nutrient-rich, conscientious produce keeps us striving for new ways to grow and share the wonders of nature. Making sustainable food choices doesn’t need to be difficult. We exist to facilitate healthier communities, one veggie at a time.

We continue to refine growing methodologies and varieties of vegetables that meet the needs of our community. 

We ensure a healthy crop growing environment by increasing biodiversity both in our soil and around the farm.   Native tree species planted provide habitat and food sources for an array of birds and insects.

Our Values

Create – we believe in creating space for people to learn, understand and appreciate nature.

Care – we believe in treating our earth and our community with care and respect.

Nourish – we believe that everyone will benefit from better nourishment and nutrition.

Closeup photo of woman digging out onion with spade

We Use A No Dig Farming Method

This method of farming is fast becoming popular amongst farmers who are looking for options that are both environmentally friendly and produce superior results. The No-Dig method of farming revolves around the concept of disturbing the soil as little as possible throughout the sowing, growing and harvest process. This allows the soil’s natural ecosystem of organisms to enrich the earth and in turn the vegetables.

There are many benefits to using No-Dig Farming

Carbon stays in the soil rather than being converted to CO2 by oxidation after cultivation. Minimal soil preparation is needed between harvesting and replanting a crop. Weeds are reduced, thereby reducing farm maintenance time.
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