My Earth Box Programme

My Earth Box Programme allows you to purchase a weekly box of locally grown, certified organic vegetables or salads and become a part of the Earth Stewards farm family.

Choose Your Box

Box contents change weekly to reflect the season’s best choice.

Seasonal Organic
Earth Box Small


Feeds 1-3 People

A smaller version of our classic seasonal veggies box. Each week we bring you the best and freshest of what’s available on the farm, in portions ideal for 1-3 people.

Seasonal Organic
Earth Box Large



Feeds 4-6 People

A big box of freshly seasonal veggies, received from our farm. Perfect for hungry families and keen cooks. Feeds around 4-6 people.

Seasonal Organic
Salad Box


Great Add On for Dinner Table

Great add on for the table, normally consists of organic microgreens and  mixed salad.

Swap Items

Customise your box to your liking.

Free to swap any items or double the quantity

*Subject to availability before weekly cut off day.

Order Cut-Off

Sundays at 11:59 pm.

We’ll notify you by email once your order is on the way or ready for pick-up.


Tuesdays at 12:00pm to 1:00pm and 2:00pm to 5:00pm

*Afterhours option available.

Earth Stewards Farm,

66 Te Manatu Drive, Huntington, Hamilton 3210, New Zealand


Receive your order on Thursday 6-9pm.

Delivered chilled to your door, so that  your veggies are kept fresh & crisp.

*Auckland and rural Waikato  areas will be deliver on Thursday

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our members pick up on Wednesday at our farm. However we understand sometimes it can be hard hence we offer delivery service. At the moment we are only delivering to the Auckland and Waikato regions (we would love to share our veggies with everyone, but we also don’t want to compromise on produce quality).

Our delivery couriers always use chilled storage and delivery vehicles.

Shipping costs to both of those regions is between $15.00 to $20 per delivery.

Yes, you can skip a week anytime by login in to your account to make the subscription pause/ delay.

Take all your ideas of rolling green hills and acres of farmland and throw them out the window. We are a farm situated in the middle of suburbia – and we love being so close to our community! We are a regular functioning farm but because we are working with a much smaller space, we have to be efficient and sustainable at every stage of the farming process.

Yes, we currently offer farm pickups on a specific day and time during the week. We are also working on a few other options for pickups around our local community. Please let us know if you are interested in this option.

The ability to access every vegetable at any time of the year is a relatively modern concept. For centuries people have been following a much more seasonal cycle of consuming food, and for good reason! Eating what Mother Nature grows when she grows it is the best way to ensure optimal nutrition and sustenance. But don’t take our word for it: give it a try! You’ll be surprised how much more you appreciate the seasons as they come and go.

Here’s the cool thing… it’s different every week! We harvest our beautiful veggies once a week, then clean, portion and package them up for you. As with everything else Mother Nature does, it’s different and unique all the time. We can tell you with some certainty which veggies will be available during which season, but the quantities and varieties will change as they become ripe or go to seed. 

However you have the options to swap out anything before the cut off on Sunday 11.59pm. Swaping subject to availabilities.

We charge our members on Tuesday 11.59pm each week.

It’s very similar ( you get a box of veggies every week ) but there are a few key differences between our programme and a classic food box model.

When joining My Earth Box Programme you will be eating fresh handpicked organic vegetables. You will be supporting your local grower and reducing your food miles.

This model of food distribution creates a sustainable ecosystem for local farmers. They’re able to count on the support of their local community as they go through the process of growing and harvesting food for you.

My Earth Box Programme is a continuous relationship, we have limited number of members, you can discontinue at any time, however your place may be taken.

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